About Us

The vision for Zovi Boutique was first inspired by a chat over a rushed latte (after the morning school run) back in 2016 

We are Zoe and Victoria, just two everyday, regular but equally hard working mums.

With 6 children between us we are certainly not afraid of a challenge !!

On that day we realised that there was a gap In the fashion world for real life mums, and that is how #mumslife began

We have a huge passion for clothes and a desire to provide all like wise mums with up to date, fresh, affordable and easy to wear clothes and accessories.

All of our clothes are modelled by real mums with real figures. Each photo has not been filtered, edited or photo shopped. What you see is what you get. If you are unsure what would suit your each individual figure please feel free to drop us a message and we will advise the best we can.

Our range has been handpicked for you by two mums with a font of life experience, heads for an innovative and successful business and a love of all things trending!!

So whether your'e shopping for that play ground drop, a day in the office, a family day out or a date night we here at Zovi can provide you with some pukka fashion. 

Enjoy shopping with us Mamas


Love  Zovi xx