#MUMSLIFE is a mission to place fashion, style and comfort at the forefront of being a mum in today’s busy society.

Vicky and I @ ZOVI wish to banish perception that busy mum's can't be fashionable. Society feeds the idea that we ‘as women and mothers’ lose our sense of style and our vest for fashion just because we lead busy lives balancing husbands and partners, children and work along with all the household duties people expect from us.

Large retailers and Brands make their own assumptions about what Mum's should wear and I am 100% convinced they don’t always get it right. This is possibly due to the demographics of the designers and buyers of these organization. They may have their own conceptions (which are misconceptions) of what we want, who we are as individuals and women and how we send our time

When we started the fashion business we felt in a good place to know what mums want in their wardrobe. So, we identified what was important and set our priorities as ‘Stylish, Comfortable, Practical, Versatile and affordable’.

We hope that our range of clothes provides all of our set priorities but most importantly gives mums a sense of confidence in what they are wearing. The confidence that the same outfit they wear for work will not make them feel drab in the playground or unattractive to their partner. New and old mums don’t have to dress to conform with societies expectations but should dress in whatever make them feel confident and attractive.

I believe a good outfit can make for a better day #MUMSLIFE xxx